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The case processing procedure

An internet-based form is available on the council's website for this. The secretariat carries out the initial assessment of the issues raised. The secretariat then determines whether the case is suitable for processing by the National Council. If so, the secretariat provides the council with a short written presentation, a "vignette". The aim is to secure a transparent and legitimate process while also ensuring that:

  • The council has an adequate basis for making a decision on whether to proceed with a matter or not.
  • The person or body to raise the issue feels that the intention underlying the suggestion was understood and conveyed correctly.
  • There is a unison understanding of the criteria applied for the selection of cases.
  • All proposals are considered equally and in the same manner in as far as possible.
  • The secretariat can commence introductory case preparation as quickly as possible.

Once a case is presented to the council, the council decides whether it wishes to process the matter further or not. The case is then returned to the secretariat, which carries out a more detailed investigation into the matter at hand in collaboration with the person or body who has raised the issue; in some cases other bodies will also be involved in this stage of the process.